Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family tradition in pakistan

In pakistan family is headed by a old male member,to whom full respect and protection are given.thus we can conclude that is the male oriented society.The oldest man in the family acts as a guider for the others,who teachs his children the distinguish among right and wrong paths.
Hence old people are given the position of prestige, honor and respect in pakistani society.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Bangles and earrings:

Jwellery tradition is very old and womens are very fond of jewellery.Bangles are the type of ornament worn by womens.To wear bangles is a very old trend but the new trendy bangles are more varsatile and lovable then ever before. There are different tyes of bangles some are of the metals and glass & some are made of of gold and silver. Different types of bangles have differentsounds like metals, gold also have attractive clinking sound.

On the Eid festival,There was a great crowd in all markets. All girls bought different kinds of bangles for their dresses.

One of the accessories, that have been found is earring. They are also of different kind size and shapes.Earings also found in differnt styles and colors that have great attractions for young girls.

Pakistani Fashion

Under pakistani fashion there comes alot of things which represents the culture.It has also taken foam of eastern culture that is becoming famous worldwide due to its uniquess in style,exclusiveness in design and matchless in its nature.Lets take the jewellery first.

Pakistani jewellery:

As Pakistan's jewellwery is considered to be a unique ornament in the world.As jewellery is used to enhance the beauty of the girls so we can see a wide variety of jewellery in gold,silver,copper and metal in pakistan.jewellery that is designed in pakistan has agreat demand world wide.Thats why in our marriage celebrations jewellery and the dress code are the mostly attracting terms.

As the people are more beautyconsious so whenever they greet other they seemed to be involved in the gosips about jewellery and the dress of other ladies.So most of the people try to purchase jewellery and the shoes according to their dresses.Usually light weight jewellery is liked but for bridals we can see a varierty of heavy ornaments for making them elegant.

These jewellery gives them elegent wy in the stylish world.Gold jewellery is mostly used by pakistani to set off their wealth.Jewellery such as necklases, chains, earings, rings, pendents, bangles and anklets gives a unique & stylish range all over the world.In marriages jwellery with langha are most liked that enhanches girls beauty.Now there are alots of jewellery shops in almost all major cities i.e lahore,karachi,rawalpindi,islamabad from where we can purchase it at affordable prices.

All these beauty enhancing products come under the title of pakistani fashion.Thus whenever pakistani go to any place in the world there cultural effects can be seem in their dress code and the jewellery.Shalwar kameez is our national dress code which is now coming in different styles according to the latest trends in the world.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Life style of Pakistan

Life style basically shows the living stanandard of people.All the provinces of pakistan have different life style.They spoke different languages,dress up themselves according to their culture and the variety of food makes them unique from others.Thus cultural effect can be seem in their life styles.

Sindhi Lifestyle:

Like the people of punjab,sindhi spoke sindhi language that is an ancient language and speaks in most parts of the pakistan.The people of sindh wear sindhi dressess i.e loose kameez and the shalwar and love to eat sindhi food.

In typical sindhi wedding, the food Is mostly sindhi mutton,curry,palak uin chnna daal, dilpasand curry.Sindhi people are very initiative to work and their handicrafts have a unique and a different style.Sindhi culture can be seen in sindhi tablos and shows.Sports that are famous in sindhi culture includes Malakhiro,kodi kodi,wanjh wati etc.Similarly sindhi music is unique i.e sufi musik is performed at shrines.Sindhi poetry like the poetry of Shah abdul latif bhattai,Sheikh ayaz,Ustaad bhikhari,Sachal Sarmost is very famouse in pakistan.

People of sindh love to wear sindhi toppi,that is the most eminent feature of sindh culture.Its city Queeta food also had a great demand worldwide. The sindhis people are hardworking, hospitable, open minded and peaceful in their nature.Although in sindhi temples, images of sri rama and sri krishna is placed.

Folk lores of sindh also had a great importance

Punjabi Lifestyle:
Punjab is also the province of Pakistan,its land is considered to be the land of five rivers.Punjabi culture is the culture of punjabi people that has been the richest and the oldest culture in the world history.The peoples live in punjab have different cast like some are of rajput, gujjar,syed,sheikh,arai, these are all cast. the main site of indus valley civilization in punjab was the city of harrapa.

Punjabis speak a language called Punjabi. The language of the region is Punjabi. Punjabis is a plural and refers to people who come from the area known as Punjab. Punjabi langauge has its originating source in Sanskrit Punjab has always been land of great saints and fighters.Musik of punjab is becoming famouse all over the world specially the Bhangra is the most eminient feature of culture.

Punjabian are very hardworking,love to hear musik and dance which can be seen in their Bhangra beats that is becoming famous day by day.Weather of punjab is very moderate,which shows a mild nature of their behaviour.The people are also very religious and fasionable the same.hence punjab is famouse for its food also that people from all over the world love to eat and like come to pakistan.

Balochi lifestyle:

Balochistan is the largest province of pakistan by geographical areas approximateley 48% of Pakistan. Balochistan culture is primarily tribal and conservatives,
Balochi dry fruits are very famouse all over the world. their special item Sajji is liked and loved by alot.They also eat roasted lamb sand mutton.their dress code is very special i.e shalwar qameez and turbun.women like to wear froks and shalwar.Their jewellery is made of metal which has a great attraction for them.leather and goat heir works has gain popularity in the world.

Now shoes, sandles,prayers mats,matting for stone shelter are getting popularity .most of the womens do embroidary on clothes.thus balochi culture is also rich in poetry and literature.

Culture of Pakistan

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Handicrafts of Pakistan

Handicrafts of pakistan are becoming popular rapidly in the world.pakistan has a very rich culture which shows that there is great demand for its products.They are really hanrdworking people who love to work for others.

Pakistan is very famous for glass,wooden furniture,marble goods,pottery,multan,s bedsheets,camels made lamps,kashmiri shawls and embroidary.their work shows neatness that makes it attractive worldwide.these handicrafts contribute alot towards GDP & earns high foreign exchange for the country.

Handmade products requires alot of manual work and efforts that can be significiently shown by pakistani handicrafts.Painting and designing over the glass,pots painting,carpets designs are a well known examples of pakistani culture.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ramadan Activities

Pakistan is a muslim country and Islam is its official religion.peoples living here have moral respect and values.
Ramazan is such an islamic month in which muslims avoid from eating,drinking,smoking and any thing that may be the cause of their Lord anger from dawn to dust.

During Ramazan, Muslims ask forgiveness from the GOD ALMIGHTY for past sins, pray for guidance of the right paths in their lives and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds.they spent this holy month with praying and reading Quran karim.

As aresult of muslims fasting for the whole month Allah blessed them with Eid ul Fitr.which is a great reward for muslims.Eid ul Fitr is celebrated on the 1st of shawwal with much celebrations,joy and fun.Before the eid there is an event of chand raat.

All girls put mehendi on there hands wears bangles buy new cloths for eid.All muslims wish each other.There is a great happiness for everyone. On the first day of Eid,all muslims gives fitrana for the poor,and then ours elders gives eidi to there yongers ones thus ramazan is one of the five pillers of islam which brings muslims more closer towards ALLAH.

Chand Raat preparations.